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(SR5) Bad news for German folks (and probably rest of EU to): Sony price increases will start on August 1!



Sony Germany officially notified German stores about an upcoming price increase on almost all camera and lenses starting from August 1. Prices will go up by in some cases by almost 20%. Also the price of the new [shoplink 48072]85mm GM lens[/shoplink] will go up 100 Euro!
It’s unclear if that increase will be extended to the rest of Europe too (I guess the answer is yes). The reason for the price increase should be the fall of the EURO currency compared to the YEN (-18,9% in one year).

So be warned, if there is some camera or lens you plan to buy do it before August 1! Store links: [shopcountry 48072].

One more news for German readers: The prime day deals are alreayd starting to being listed at Amazon Germany (Click here to see them). There is some Sony stuff!

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