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Bad surprise: Sony delays the new FE lens shipment.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-13 um 03.34.02
Image from the Sony CP+ conference. Courtesy of Matthew Allard.

Back at Photokina Sony said they would launch the four new FE lenses in February (24-240mm FE) and March (rest of the lenses). Well, they cannot keep up with the promise. Sony said the release date and price will not be unveiled at CP+ but sometimes later. But at least according to the final announcement will come very soon. Sony is officially the only company not showing ANYTHING new at CP+. And I guess it has to do with their new strategy to announce stuff off the big shows to get the full spotlight (just like they did with the A7II announcement).

I will try to get info about the exact announcement date the next couple of hours…

Reminder: This was the original shipment plan back at Photokina:

sony-fe-35mm-1-4-lens sony-fe-90mm-f2-8-macro-len-ssony-fe-24-240mm-zoom-lens sony-fe-28mm-prime-

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