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CamRanger 2 will add full Sony support


Camranger announced that their upcoming new version will add full Sony support. Here is the press text:

CamRanger 2

The original CamRanger has been the standard for wireless tethering. The upcoming CamRanger II will set the new standard for professional photographers.
Faster & Farther

With 802.11ac WiFi, the CamRanger 2 is over 5 times faster. Even the 802.11n WiFi is over 2 times faster. And the usable range is over 3 times farther.
Sony & Fuji Support

Nikon and Canon support will of course continue, but the CamRanger 2 will also support select Sony and Fujifilm cameras. We always said we would not offer support until we could do it in a way that works for professionals. Our new design removes previous limitations, limitations other wireless tethering devices suffer from.
New App Design and Features

Like the new CamRanger Mini software, the new apps have a newer, more modern feel based on customer feedback.

The new app is also packed with new features that we will be unveiling later.
Coming 2019….

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