New Zeiss 50mm ships within 3 to 5 weeks. New Nikon G to NEX Speedbooster too.

Short check up on new Sony stuff that should be available soon:

1) Those of you waiting for the new Zeiss 50mm A-mount lens have to wait…a bit more! According to Amazon US (Click here) the lens will ship within the next 3-5 weeks only. As I have told you before the lens is highly requested and that’s the reason you have to be patient.

2) The next new lens, the 70-400mm II lens will ship on July 21 at Amazon US (Click here).

3) The superb Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom will ship on July 31 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

4) And the new Nikon G to NEX Speed Booster will ship in 2-4 weeks at BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

P.S.: The current Sony deals list can be seen at Amazon (Click and scroll down) and on Dealsrunner (Click here).

Sony US extends SLT offer “while supplies last.”

Sony US is clearly trying to clear their Stock of SLT cameras. They just extended the SLT offer running at Amazon US (Click here)while supplies last“. New A-mount cameras are expected to hit the stores in very early 2014. It’s till unclear yet if the new A-mount cameras will be announced and available for preorder in autumn.

To sources and readers: I keep receiving rumors about many new cameras and lenses. Please excuse me if it takes time to post everything. I always try to at least double check the rumors to avoid major mistakes. The rumors I am working on are:

1) NEX-FF release date and lens specs
2) APS-C lens cameras and lenses
3) A77 mirrorless successor specs
4) A-mount Full Frame camera specs (two cameras!)
5) Hybrid A-E mount
6) New RX cameras

On all these fronts I got specs and info. But I learned from the past that some of them may not be correct (for different reasons). So be patient. I am doing my best every day now!

P.s.: particularly the NEX-FF rumors I am getting sound ground breaking!…and expensive :(

Sony A99 price drops coming soon. Canon sells 6D for $1499.

[shoplink 19536 ebay][/shoplink]

First worldwide price drops on the A99 body are coming very soon. And Thanks to 6ave you can get two A99 superkits: [shoplink 19386 ebay]One for $2,271 (Click here)[/shoplink] and another [shoplink 19387 ebay]one for $2,280 (Click here)[/shoplink] for a very low price.

But price of FF cameras are dropping lower and now went down for the $1499 at [shoplink 19536 ebay]eBay US (Click here)[/shoplink]. If Sony will ever release a new low end FF A-mount camera than this could (or should?) be the price tag. Only 12 months ago I would never have expected FF cameras to become that cheap!


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Sony A77 body no more sold by Amazon itself.

For the first time since the introduction the A77 body is no more sold by Amazon itself (Click here to see the page). As I told you before the successor is scheduled to ship in early 2014 only. It would be a bit too early fro Amazon to discontinue the A77 sales. Maybe it’s just a temporary condition. Let’s see…

P.S.: Full Amazon SLT deal page (Click here). And new Save Up to $200 on Select Sigma Lenses action at Amazon US (Click here).

More RX1R tests on Dpreview. RX100 deals in USA and Europe.

[shoplink 19424 ebay][/shoplink]

DPreview (Click here) added the Sony RX1R Dynamic range and Noise pages. As you can see there is very little difference between the RX1 and RX1R. Anyway, Pixel Peepers may be happy with that 1-2% resolution increase :)

If you don’t care about the tiny bit extra resolution and want to save some dollars you may get the Open BOX RX1 which is sold by [shoplink 19424 ebay]Beachcamera (Click here)[/shoplink]. You save $283! And the RX100 got a slight price drop ans sells for $565 at [shoplink 19425 ebay]BigValue (Click here)[/shoplink].

New RX preorders:
RX1 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, WexUK, Sonystore US, Sony Canada, Sony Deutschland, Sony UK, Sony France, Sony Italy, Sony Netherland, Sony Belgium, Sony Austria, Sony Sweden, Sony Finland, Sony Spain.
RX100MII at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, WexUK, Sonystore USSony Canada, Sony DeutschlandSony UK, Sony FR, Sony Italy, Sony Netherland, Sony Belgium, Sony Austria, Sony Sweden, Sony Finland, Sony Spain.

New Metabones Nikon G to E-mount Speed Booster announced. And Rokinon 16mm in Stock.

It’s definitely a Speed Booster day! A couple of hours ago I wrote you about the new A to E-mount Speed Booster coming in August. And now Metabones announced a Nikon G to NEX adapter too! it’s already in Stock and shipping on their store (Click here). Now you can tell your Nikon friends that they have no excuse anymore to switch over to the NEX system with their G lenses :)

And another new product is in Stock for the first time: The Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 for A-mount ships now at BHphoto (Click here).