Sony and Amazon communication problems :)

We noticed at least two curious “poblems” if not “conflict between Sony and Amazon.

1) Phil Askey from dpreview wrote: “Having spent a considerable amount of time producing previews of both cameras we were slightly surprised this morning to see full reviews of the NEX-5 on another sites who were apparently given production cameras (which we were promised but never received). We only received pre-production models and honored Sony’s request not to publish images.” Important notice: Dpreview is owned by amazon!

2) Amazon US is usually fast in offering pre-orders when a camera has been announced. After three days amazon is the only major shop in US to not offer the NEX cameras for preorder!
As you can see here, Adorama, BHphoto and RITZ do list the NEX cameras.

There is absolutely nothing on Amazon…..and did you notice the MicroFourThirds banner instead? Curious :)

Anyway I believe in both cases we only saw a comunication problem between the two giants.

New Adobe Camera RAW adds support for the Sony A450

Download the new Adobe Camera Raw 6.1 Plug-in:

Reminder: The new Adobe CS5 suite is now shipping! On you can see a very well done list of the new features.

Adobe CS5 suite on Adobe US / Amazon / BHphoto / Amazon Canada

Direct links to the pre-order page on Adobe UK / Adobe Deutschland / Adobe France / Amazon Deutschland / Amazon UK / Amazon France

Amazon Japan

Interview with Sony’s Toru Katsumoto (ePhotozine)

Toru Katsumotoe (Sony Senior General Manager) has been interviewed by ePhotozine.

The most interetsing parts are:

– no need to bring back-illumintaed tecnology on big APS-C sensors
– The A and E mount do not compete against each other (Alpha series will continue)
– The E mount distance from lens to sensor is 18mm and it needs to be at 44mm for A mount lenses to be effective.
– Autofocus should be working with the adapter and we have engineers still working very hard (maybe we can do it on a firmware upgrade).


The top-secret NEX infos nobody told you until now! :)

Sonyalpharumors can give you some “special” infos about the Sony NEXSony NEXSony NEX cameras :)

Lens body is using two motors. One is electromagnetic and completely mute so that it will not record the motor sounds during film-recoridng.
Originally the Alpha lens adapter was planned to support contrast type AF. But because of complications it has been removed. It Future firmware updates could add autofocus support!

LCD and Menu
LCD automatically adjust brightness sensing external light source.
The LCD has 55% more brightness than the LCD from the Sony A550  (contrast is also higher).
NEX5 face recognition can distinguish between adults and children faces.
The NEX menu interface has been designed by Sony Ericsson mobile phone unit (to ensure ease of use).

Unlimited recording time!

The future new “3D video” function will be added via firmware update in July. But only 3D Bravia will play it. P.S.: please note that I said 3D VIDEO not 3D panorama :)

Production and Marketing
The NEX system will be produced in a new plant in Thailand. There will be no reduction of the Alpha system production.
Sony DSLR offensive will focus on Europe.
Sonys goal is to sell 10 million worldwide NEX cameras.

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New Sony NEX news list

Few lucky guys had the chance to hold the Sony NEX in their hand and it is tiny (take a look here on dpreview forum). A very serious ISO comparison has been posted by Focus Numerique. The test prooves once again that Sony managed to archieve awesome High-ISO quality. Let’s hope future firmware upgrades will be made for our current Sony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony Alpha cameras :)

ePhotozine just posted their Sony NEX-5 & NEX-3 hands-on preview Digital Camera Review. New image samples are available on Pixinfo and Letsgodigital. More asian hands-on are available on, DCview and c-tech.

On youtube you can find tons of previews and tests. Check out the list:

And finally also Adorama is accepting preorders!