Detailed Sony sales analysis for the japanese market in 2011.

Japan is the only market of the world offering super detailed info about camera sales. And this week BCNranking made a nice overview of the percentage sales in 2011. As you can see from the screenshot on top Sony is doing well in the compact camera market where it jumped on the second place with 15,1%. it was on position 4th in 2010. It’s not going well in the DSLR market but this has probably to do with the Thai flood consequences that made the A65 and A77 not available in reasonable numbers within 2011. Compared to 2010 Sony also lost 5% market share in the mirrorless market probably for the same reasons.

I think 2012 numbers will be more important because it will really show what’s the strength of the company in a “normal” year (a year without Tsunamis and Floods I hope!).

There is no such nice detailed market report in European and American countries. So I have to rely on the very general and “unscientific” Amazon rankings to see if a camera is popular or not. I give you here the links to check the current most sold cameras:

Amazon US:
DSLR ranking (Click here): No Sony camera in top 20 :(
Mirrorless ranking (Click here): NEX-5n rules!
Compact ranking (Click here): Canon dominates.
Lens ranking (Click here): No Sony in sight.

Amazon Germany:
DSLR ranking (Click here): No SLT camera in top 20 :(
Mirrorless ranking (Click here): Again the NEX-5n on top!
Compact ranking (Click here): The HX100V is doing pretty well.

Amazon UK:
DSLR ranking (Click here): Again no Sony on top.
Mirrorless ranking (Click here): Sony NEX-5n on position two.
Compact ranking (Click here): Cnaon-Nikon domination.
Lens ranking (Click here): It’s a Canon world.

Amazon France:
DSLR ranking (Click here): Canon as usual…
Mirrorless ranking (Click here): NEX-5n and NEX-7 domination!
Compact ranking (Click here): Again Canon…

First images of the new Rokinon 8mm for NEX!

Rokinon/Samyang posted the first image of the 8mm fisheye E-mount lens on facebook. Below you find images of the lens and image samples taken with the lens. The Rokinon will be available in March.

Reminder: In USA the company uses the “Rokinon” name (here on Amazon), in Europe they are branded as “Samyang” ([shoplink 11234 ebay]here on eBay[/shoplink]), in UK you can find them with the name “Wallimex” (here on Amazon UK).

New Olympus share acquisition rumor. New CMOS sensor. One hundred NEX-7 in Sweden.

Sony Japan (Click here) presented the next-generation Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor (See graph on top): “as the pixel section and circuit section are formed as independent chips, a manufacturing process can be adopted, enabling the pixel section to be specialized for higher image quality while the circuit section can be specialized for higher functionality, thus simultaneously achieving higher image quality, superior functionality and a more compact size. In addition, faster signal processing and lower power consumption can also be achieved through the use of leading process for the chip containing the circuits.

The well informed Japanese website Nikkei (Click here) said that Sony will acquire 20-30% of Olympus shares. While Sony’s mail goal is to have a control over Olympus highly profitable medical business this may will influence the camera division too. Only time will tell!

P.S.: A swedish source told me that there will be around 100 units of the Nex-7 body in Stock on the 4th of February (Check Sonystore Sweden). More pre order options: [shopcountry 8454]



Sony reinvents the sensor with “RGBW Coding” and “HDR Movie” Functions!

My guess is that to bring some real major image quality jump you have to abandon the classic Bayer sensor design. Fuji has shown us what’s possible by a “simple” re-arrangement of the pixel array. And today Sony (Click here) announced a new sensor technology for small sensors that improves the dynamic range. The past months I posted some Sony patents disclosing a sensor with RGB and White pixels. That new pixel allows to capture images with a much greater dynamic range for both images and videos. Sony plans the mass production of these sensors for compact and phone cameras within summer 2012. And maybe one day the new technology will be used on APS-C and FF sensors too!

Impossible rumors: Sony to make a deal with Olympus?

As you know Olympus made a big mess trying to hide big losses made over twenty years ago. They lied to shareholders for all those years until the ex British CEO Woodford unveiled the scandal. No Olympus has to find a partner that is willing to invest into the company.

With a huge surprise Reuters (Click here) reports that Sony is the company that will very likely look for an agreement with Olympus. I don’t know for what reason Sony is doing that. probably the medical part from Oly is where Sony wants to get in. It’s hard for me to believe that Sony wants to move into the m43 system and it’s also impossible to think that Olympus will join the NEX system. The only realistic option is that like Nikon, Pentax and Ricoh also Olympus will use Sony sensors inside their cameras. Let’s see what will happen soon…

Some NEX-C3 kits discontinued and 50mm lens coming in March

I am one of those guys waiting for the 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lens and finally Sony is giving is a clue about the possible release date. Sony Japan (Click here) writes:

NEX-5n with 18-55 and 55-200mm lens release on May 12
50mm f/1.8 release on March 9
NEX-C3 with 18-55 and 55-200mm (production stop!)
NEX-C3 with 16mm and 18-55 lens release in June
NEX-C3 with 18-55 (production stop!)

My guess is that soon all [shoplink 7207]Sony NEX-C3[/shoplink] kits will be disocntinued pretty much like the [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink]. I guess you know what will happen soon :)

P.S.: 50mm lens preorder search links at: [shopcountry 8448].

POLL: SLR magic asks you what kind of wide angle lens for NEX you want!

SLR magic manager asked me if I could post a POLL for you. They want to know which kind of wide angle lens you would like them to make for your NEX camera. There are four options. It’s important to know that the price and size of the lens will increase with the wideness of the angle. That means that the 10mm f/2.0 lens will be bigger and cost more than the 12mm f/1.8. Price will be somewhere between 600-800 Euro. This would be completely new designed lenses for the NEX system!

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SLR magic already made three lenses for the NEX system:
[shoplink 11186 ebay]The 28mm f/2.8 (here on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 11187 ebay]The 35mm f/1.7 (here on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 11185 ebay]The 50mm f/0.95 (here on eBay)[/shoplink]