500mm lens hands-on by Engadget.

Engadget (Click here) visited the CP+ show in Japan and played with the new Sony 500mm f/4.0 lens: “The lens focused surprisingly quickly, especially given its massive 500mm fixed focal length. Moving from subject to subject at varying distances, we were typically able to achieve focus in a fraction of a second. Long lenses have traditionally been tricky on the focus front, but this guy handled it like a champ

The lens costs 13.000 Euro (no preorders yet) and is the most expensive Sony lens ever made. It beats the 300mm f/2.8 APO G SSM Autofocus Lens which costs $3200 at Bhphoto (Click here).

Curiosity: The most expensive lenses are from leica. Look at that Prototype 50 Summicron which sells for more than $35000 on [shoplink 11445 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]!!!

Sony reviews roundup (A77, NEX-7 and NEX-5n)

Sony Alpha NEX-7 mirrorless camera review at Engadget (Click here): “As you may have gathered, we’re quite smitten with the Sony Alpha NEX-7. The camera offers many features previously only accessible to full-size DSLR owners, delivering excellent performance in a body size only nominally larger than the NEX-C3 and 5N.

Full Sony A77 review at ePhotozine (Click here): “The Sony Alpha A77 is an enjoyable camera to use that is capable of producing some excellent photos, with great colour, detail and extremely solid exposure performance. Reds are extremely vibrant and colourful and the camera produces excellent JPEG output straight from the camera, even on default settings. Noise control is very good with low noise right up to high ISO settings.

Sony NEX-5n tested at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here): “When you can pack this kind of performance in a body this small, it’s hard to not be impressed. While we’re not ready to label the NEX-5N as the best compact mirrorless camera we’ve seen, it’s pretty close and it has us very excited to see where the NEXseries goes next.

Another NEX-5n review has been posted by Kent Photography (Click here): “After a few days of test and still testing now, the NEX-5N does really good with the different shooting situation that you throw at it. Apart from the distortion and one off WB issue, I can’t fault its performance much. It certainly was my go to camera during the trip instead of my DSLR. I didn’t even feel hesitated  to shoot in low light, knowing that it will produce decent images even at ISO 1600-3200.

More small news: Sony NEX-7 handheld video by Outbackphoto on vimeo. Hdr Photography and the Sony Nex-7 explained in detail at SonyAlphaLab (Click here). Overcoming NEX 5N overheating. a cheap and real fix at DVXuser (Click here).

And here are the links to check the price and availability status of the three mentioned cameras:
A77 search at [shopcountry 8461].
NEX-7 search at [shopcountry 8454].
NEX-5n search at [shopcountry 8452].

New Sony NEX-7 video test and (and correction from 3Dkraft)

U7 *NEX 7 test footage* from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

Andrew Reid (Click here) posted a first impression review of the NEX-7 video quality: “In video mode the same strengths that the NEX 5N had over the GH2 are apparent but more so…. Colour is richer and more accurate, gradation and tonality are smoother, dynamic range is greater, latitude (especially in the lows) is increased and a flatter image profile helps to give more flexibility when grading the footage.”

Meanwhile 3Dkraft (Click here) updated their NEX- versus GH2 test because of a severe misinterpretatation of the 1080p25 files by Premiere Pro. So re-read the test!

The super busy SonyalphaLab administrator tested the new 8mm Rokinon lens on the NEX-7 and posted many image samples. That lens takes super pictures. But you still cannot preorder it yet :(

And while Sony Europe is doing their job well Sonystyle US (Click here) is again making a mess with many NEX-7 preorders. Many of our readers got messages like this: “We would like to inform you we are experiencing a delay with your Sony order. The following item NEX7K/B has been rescheduled to ship on 02/17/2012.“.

P.S.: NEX-7 image samples at Outbackphoto.

Sony A77/65 reviews (+ new Kenko 400mm price announcement)

Kenko (Click here) announced the new 400mm E-mount lens price. It’s 22.000 YEN ($290). As you can see from the image it looks like a module of the space station :)

Mansurovs (Click here) reviewed the Sony A77: “Overall, I am very impressed by the Sony SLT-A77 and I highly recommend it to our readers. I mostly used the Sony A77 for photographing landscapes and I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to use it professionally for my work.

Which One is Which? Sony NEX 5N vs Canon 5D Mk II at ThePhoBlographer (Click here).

Sony A65 review at DigitalPhotographySchool (Click here): “with the A65 I captured stunning, sharp, brilliantly colour-saturated images.

Sony A77 search order links [shopcountry 8461].
Sony A65 search order links [shopcountry 8459].
Sony NEX-5n search order links: [shopcountry 8452].

New Sony reviews collection (Tamron for NEX, NEX-5n,A77) NEX-7 in Stock in Germany.

Triple E-mount lens test at Provideocoalition (Click here).

Dcresource (Click here) posted a new NEX-5n review: “If you find that you can live with its interface, then you’ll find a camera that’s capable of taking excellent photos and videos, with the added bonus of the HDR and Anti Motion Blur features, for taking great photos in challenging lighting conditions. Even with its quirks, the NEX-5N does the fundamentals very well, which is why it earns my recommendation.”

Tamron for NEX image samples at Focus Numerique (Click here).

Using Pentax FA Lenses on the Sony NEX-5n at Steve Huff (Click here).

A77 is Worlds Fastest Camera says Pixiq (Click here).

Quick in staus check: NEX-7 is now in Stock at Amazon Germany (Click here), Fotomundus (Click here).


Sony beats Canon (again). Fuji gets priced (higher price than NEX-7)

As you know Canons first attempt to compete against the growing mirrorless market is the release of the Canon G1X which has a 4/3 sized sensor which is slightly smaller than Sony’s APS-C. If you were wondering how close the sensor quality could go to the best Sony NEX cameras than see those DxOmark results (Click here). It’s nowhere near the Sony NEX-7! Speaking of the NEX-7. The only real competitor the Fuji X PRO 1 got (finally) a price. It’s available for preorder at Amazon (Click here)…for $1699. That yes will be a strong fight between Sony and Fuji!

P.S.: Today Canon reported big loss and slow camera sales. So kings can be dethroned?

NEX-7 preorder search links: [shopcountry 8454].

Zeiss ZM 18mm f/4.0 on NEX cameras

[shoplink 11326 ebay][/shoplink]

One of the lenses I am considering to buy right now is the [shoplink 11326 ebay]Zeiss ZM 18mm f/4.0 lens (here on eBay)[/shoplink]. Our reader Pascal tested the lens and posted his findings at DearSusans (Click here): “Contrary to my (FABULOUS) Zeiss ZM Biogon 25mm/2.8, this is not a symmetrical lens and should work much better on the NEX-7. The NEX-7′s smaller pixels make it much more adverse to symmetrical designs such as the Biogons and some early Leicas. But no such problem with this lens“. He tested the lens on the NEX-5n and these are his findings:
– warm colors
– It has the classic Zeiss 3D look
– damn sharp!
– not the best bokeh but as the tester said, bokeh doesn’t matter with that lens.
– focus ring not tight enough
– it’s a bit too big for such a slow lens.

Read the full test and watch the images samples at DearSusans (Click here)! To see some image samples of the lens on the NEX-7 check out Rob Skeoch (Click here) website. Reviews on M-mount cameras have been made by Ken Rockwell and SLRlensreview.

There are a few good reasons why I would buy the lens:
1) Versatility: I will be able to use this lens on a future fullframe Sony mirrorless system or any other mirrorless system. It’s an investment for the future.
2) Build quality and manual focusing and aperture ring.
3) You can have it in Silver or Black (perfect for my NEX-7!).
4) Image quality is top

I am looking forward to find a good deal on used lenses on eBay :)
The Silver Zeiss 18mm ZM lens is in Stock at Adorama (Click here), [shoplink 11326 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
The Black Zeiss 18mm ZM lens is in Stock at Amazon UK (Click here), [shoplink 11326 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].