(SR4) The Sony rumors summary!

After the November 18 delusion (We predicted the new Sony camera announcement but we hoped to see the new Sony GH1 competitor and not the new Sony NXCAM videocamera) we had many small-talks with our sources. All rumors we are going to tell you know are doublechecked to avoid mistakes like the one we made on November 18:

1) Sony will launch four new compact cameras the DSC-W350, DSC-W360, DSC-W380 and the DSC-W390 in December!

2) Sony will launch the Sony Alpha 700 successor on Q1 2010. Thom Hogan speculates with the A700 successor to be able to record video but we didn’t receive any confirmation on this.

3) Sony has already a REAL! prototype of mirrorless video and still camera which uses a APS-C sensor. The bad news is that the camera is going to be presented on Photokina 2010…that’s in September only.

Remember, this rumors are from our trusted sources only and we are working to get more infos about the next cameras as soon as possible!

Sony Alpha 550 Digital Camera Review

Digitalcamerainfo tested the new Sony Alpha 550.

You can also jump directly to the conclusions by clicking the link: http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/content/Sony-A550-Digital-Camera-Review-21295/Conclusion.htm.

The performs very well!

P.S.: Amazon has the camera in Stock for $899.00 (Body-only)

The is the first Sony camera since very long time to make it into the top 10 weekly japanese DSLR sales!
Take a look:
Bild 3
Source: http://bcnranking.jp/category/subcategory_0008.html