(SR4) Sony product strategy revolution.

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Since five months I am working to get interesting news and rumors for you. I am happy to see the latest rumors we posted came true. Some of our sources proofed to be good and now I post you what they told me during the last weeks. I hope they will be also right this time!
UPDATE: Remember this is a “rumors” website. We are not affiliated with Sony and we don’t get the infos from them. Our rumors can be wrong. So please take it easy ok?

The first thing I can tell you is that BIG changes are coming!!!

Since almost two years Sony is working on a top-secret mirrorless system. One of our sources told us “As it is no other word other than mirrorless product is coming, and right soon“. Another source told us that “the EVIl cameras will have proper video function, unlike the competition.“. Expect APS-C cameras to be announced in Q2. There will be more of it in 2010. And we can’t forget the rumor posted yesterday which says that the mirrorless camera will have “Zeiss licensed lenses“! And “The EVIL line will be performing as well as FF does, only DOF will be less shallow and sensitivity lower.“.
Alpha lenses will fit the EVIL line with an adapter.”

A700 replacement and Pellicle mirror
The Sony A700 replacement will not likely be at PMA. It will be hinted at PMA, maybe, but I don’t expect to see or hear of it before the summer, if not early fall. I know that’ll disappoint a lot of people but I think once 2010 pans out, and everyone sees where Sony’s looking to go, they’ll be happy. It’s just going to take a little time for everyone to see the bigger picture.“. Another source told us that the A700 successor “is not just a successor… it is a completely new type of camera“!
In the meanwhile we received a triple confirmation from different sources that Sony made a “beta version” of the A700 successor with pellicle mirror.

Fullframe and APS-C
Sony plans to have two major lines in the future, one is APSC size EVIL line and the other is FF 35 mm.
Expect new high end FF cameras and lenses“. And it isn’t a secret anymore that Sony next High-End FF camera will have over 30 Megapixels.

UPDATE: We do not believe Sony will stop to make APS-C “classic” cameras. There will be new A4xx A5xx and A6xx. Don’t worry :)

One more thing
Sony will this year show down their 35 mm 4K Cine Alta, as well as 3D video cameras.

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(SR3) Sony mirrorless EVIL camera in Q2

According to a source from Zeissrumors.com

“There will not be a digital rangefinder from Zeiss. However, a Sony EVIL(Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens)with Zeiss licensed lenses will surface around the Q2 of 2010. Your source was wrong!”

SonyAlphaRumors has more details which we will post tomorrow (We have to wait for a last confirm).

Sir Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) in Businessweek (via alphamountworld)

Businessweek made an interesting interview with Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony). Click here to read the whole interview “Why Sony Is About to Snap Back

Here you have a small part of the interview:

CHARLIE ROSE (Businessweek)
“What will you say at CES about Sony’s product lineup?”

“This year we’re going to swamp the marketplace with innovation and new products, and we’re going to particularly focus on 3D because we have so many assets compared with anybody else—from cameras to projectors to 3D video games to TVs to Blu-ray—everything can be 3D with us. Size finally matters again, so that is an advantage we intend to demonstrate at CES.

P.S.: thanks “Eneuman” form alphamountworld forum

Sony A450 does the Monte Carlo rally

The french magazine focus-numerique.com (click here to read the google translation) tested the Sony Alpha 450 in an unusual way. They went to the Monte Carlo Rally. The article talks more about cars and less about the Sony A450 but it is definitely worthy to read it :)

What they liked most is the reliable autofocus in such difficoult light conditions.