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CES for Sony: FDRX2000 will be best actioncamera on market!



As you know on January 5 Sony will have a livestreaming to announce new products. I am trying to figure out what’s coming but so far I only heard about new smartphones, camcorders and actioncameras.

Actioncameras are the most sold kind of cameras and therefore very important for Sony. We Alpha users probably couldn’t care less…But some of the new actioncamera tech may will find his way in Alpha or RX cameras too.

So far I have been told there will be two new actioncameras: AS50 and FDRX2000.

I got this  from an anonymous source about the FDRX2000:

It will be the best action cam on the market. The improvements are mainly a better sensor with improved frame rates and low light capabilities

And those AS50 specs and image from a trusted source:

-Same as usually Zeiss lens
-XAVC-S 50mbps codec
-FullHd recording 60p
-New menu with icons (much easier and faster to navigiate)
-Waterproof up to 60m with included case
-Batery compartement is similar to the one in az1, but as50 works with same battery as as20
-Bluetooth (to power on camera with the remote)
-Electronic zoom
-There will be new remote rm-lvr3 but will not be sold with as50 and will be released later in 2016


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