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CES live coverage starts at 1am London time (+last minute news)


I had new talks with my sources. They all expect the announcement of many new compact camera (I did count eleven cameras). And we are pretty sure there will be no new “real” NEX or A77 announcement. The only thing we can hopefully expect are prototype presentations of the future NEX-4(?) and Sony A77 cameras. So please don’t expect to much from the Sony live press conference. Let’s keep it down to earth. All we can hope is that Sony will give us some kind of new timeline and specs of the future NEX/Alpha cameras and lenses.

Anyway the good news is that a few of my sources confirmed some of the A77 specs I already posted on SonyAlphaRumors one month ago. I will repost them here:

According to my sources Sony has chosen to use a completely new sensor for the upcoming professional SLT (Translucent) camera. The sensor will have 24 Megapixels but don’t worry, I have been told the noise performance of the sensor is equal if not better than current 14-16 Megapixels Sony sensors used for the [shoplink 3003]NEX[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3617]A33/A55[/shoplink] cameras. It will feature the highest resolution APS-C camera on market (The [shoplink 4406]Canon 7D[/shoplink] is on top with the 18 Megapixel sensor). The Sony A77 will be released by mid 2011 because Sony needed time to develop an almost perfect camera. There will be many innovations (Paul Genge of Sony UK said that “this camera will include such high specification features that current [shoplink 3228]A700[/shoplink] owners will be amazed“). It will have an improved BIONZ processor (based on the current A33/A55 processor), micro af adjustment and record 1080/30p, 720p60 and 720p30 (But we can’t exclude last minute improvements like 1080p24). I also do know that Sony original plan was to release the A750 with Optical Viewfinder but I don’t know yet if Sony will indeed bring that prototype to the market (let’s say there is a 50% chance).

See you at 1am London time!!!

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