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(SR3) New source says NEX-4 is coming (with 16 Megapixel)


A new source contacted me to share info about the upcoming NEX camera. He said the NEX-4 will be on market in May. It will have the same [shoplink 3617]Sony A55 sensor[/shoplink] (16 megapixel) and record 1080p Video! It is the successor of the [shoplink 3003]NEX-3[/shoplink]. Let’s see if tonight Sony will show us the NEX-4 prototype that confirms the rumor.

The source gave me the whole NEX camera/lens roadmap for 2011! I do not post that info yet because I want first to check them with other sources. If what he gave me is correct than Sony has a few spectaculars surprises! He said there are two other NEX cameras and four NEX lenses to come in 2011. Hope I can give you more info soon…

I want to thank the source for sharing the news and I hope he will write me back soon ;)

For all our sources: If you send me messages through the contact form please use some kind of nickname so that I recognize you in the future. It will make me easy to choose the Rumor ranking (SR1-SR5). Avoid to give me your real name and email address and remember no IP address will be stored. That’s why you are completely untraceable. Keep in mind that I usually do rewrite the text you send me. Sometimes I do post rumors after weeks or months only because as you can imagine I do often receive fake or partially correct rumors. That’s why I have to doublecheck them with other sources. You can also contact me (Andrea) at Create a fake gmail account using fake names. That will help me to write you back. Thanks!

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