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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV got announced. First Canon vs Sony reviewers thoughts…


The most popular Full Frame camera series of the world just got a new entry: Canon announced their EOS 5D Mark IV and full specs and pricing can be found at BHphoto, Adorama and Amazon. On paper this camera is a “conservative” evolution of the predecessor. Still I believe Canon will sell tons of that camera in DSLR countries like USA. Probably 4-5 times more than a Sony A7 camera. That’s why I think Sony should target that kind of customer by offering a Sony A7 camera that can match or even beat the autofocus system as I think that’s one of the main strong point of the Canon.

Dpreview posted a first impression review and says:

We expect significant, though not class-leading, improvements in dynamic range that narrow the gap in shadow recoverability between Canon and Sony sensors.

Newsshooter writes:

Sony managed to pull off a much better video performance with their a7R II which has an even higher still pixel count. I just wish Canon had managed to do the same here.

Philip Bloom is not very “excited” with the new Canon :)

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