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Confirmed: The next Sony camera is neither the A7sIV nor the A1II…it’s a video focused model (FX?)


Back in September Sony registered three new camera models in China. We now know what two of them are (The LR1 and the A9III). The third model is definitely a new video oriented model.

  • WW559681” code was for the LR1
  • WW459276” code was for the A9III
  • “WW279317” is definitely a new video oriented camera because it’s produced in Shanghai were Sony makes video cameras. So this could be for example a new FX6 or FX9 successor!

So this is it, no A7sIV or A1II coming any time soon. In January we will likely get this new FX6/FX9 or other video camera.

Thanks NYA

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