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Curious Sony mistake: Guy gets his new A6400 but the on camera label says it’s an A6300


Theera Suriyawongse just received his brand new A6400. But it has one unexpected design issue. Theera writes:

Today, I bought the A6400, when trying at the store (in Thailand), it can adjust the selfie screen.
When returning home i noticed, the label name of the camera is wrong.
All functions exactly as model A6400 But the screen is wrong.

SAR note: So far there is only one single report about this issue and it comes from Thailand. The camera is going to start shipping on February 28 in Europe and USA. I hope this is just a one time mistake. The camera production is in Thailand and maybe the thai store had a non approved or modified Stock of cameras?

Here is a video showing the camera:


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Europe at Calumet Germany, ParkCameras UK, Jessops.
Asia at Sony Australia and Sony Japan.




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