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David Oastler explains why he “will never buy another flagship Sony camera again”


His reasoning is simple: Why spend a lot of money on new expensive Sony cameras that won’t get updated when it’s better to wait for the following cheaper models that will have even better features.

Sony ambassador Colby Brown gave this answer to the video:

Here is my take…
Can Sony be more transparent about updates? Sure…all manufacturers can do better here!
Would I like an update to the a1? Absolutely, every user wants their gear to get new features.
Is the a1 still the best camera in the market for my needs doing wildlife, landscape, travel and Astro? Absolutely. I can’t think of a situation the a1 hasn’t been able to handle on all my projects around the globe.
Will those people complaining in the YouTube comments of that video jump at the first chance to buy the a2 when it comes out and once again blows away the competition? Of course they will…
The Internet thrives on complaints…not on people actually sharing the successes they have had with the gear they use.

Feel free to add your two cents on this interesting debate!

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