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Diglloyd says that Sony is “a company that really does not understand photography”



A7R II vs Leica Q (Camerasize).

Diglloyd is criticizing Sony for many reasons like their subpar repair service in US, poor product quality control (assimetry issues on some lenses) and the missing real lossless 14 bit raw. He is one of the very few bloggers/reviewers who openly critizes Sony:

I like the A7R II a lot in various ways, but what I want to see is Nikon D810 quality in the compact form factor Sony A7R II. There is no technical reason Sony can’t do it right, but it looks like we’re in for a long wait from a company that really does not understand photography.
Sony cameras feel like camera imitations, not the real thing (the Leica Q feels like the real thing, as does the Nikon D810 or Canon 5DS R). The Sony gestalt seemd to be deeply cultural and it may take a long time, if ever, to overcome. Which gives NiCanon some breathing room, in theory.

Beside that (too?) harsh statement the issues raised by Diglloyd are definitely real. But maybe he is too extreme in the way he puts in on words. And in Sony’s defense Sony is innovating very hard and that of course makes it more vulnerable to issues and problems that have to be fixed in future generations of cameras/lenses or (hopefully) via firmware upgrade. Nikon and Canon simply do rely on the same “old” and solid tech. And even then they have still major issues (D810 had huge thermal issues leading to bright spot problems). And yes, while the Leica Q feels certainly “the real thing” it has much fewer features and costs more than the A7R II. Diglloyd says that that for Sony “it may take a long time, if ever, to overcome“. This is just my very personal impressions: Yes Sony has to learn a couple of important things, but from what I have seen the past years I am pretty sure they will improve those areas where they don’t offer a decent quality. And there is already a good news that backups my claim: Sony contacted Diglloyd to get feedback about the service and quality issues…

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