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Does Sony UK have put a hold on all A77 orders till they investigate a problem?


A korean video shows the complete blackout of the A77 (Source:

Since a couple of days there “rumors” about A77 issues are floating around the web. Many readers contacted me to confirm that there are quite some issues with the first batch of released A77 cameras. The very latest news i got says: “Sony UK have put a hold on all orders till they investigate a problem that seems to be occurring with the cameras failing to recognise any lens attached.

As you know the very first cameras have been shipped to Asian countries and there is where you can find many issue reports like here at Dchome and here at Xitek and here at SLRclub. There are also issue reports on Dpreview, here and here. One of our readers had the A77 for three days and had the following issues: “I had 3 times a system hang. I found 1 or 2 death spot when the system hanged and full Black screen was shown. When I pressed the “Fn” key, two column of icon were shown on both L/R sides.  My a77 EVF also disappeared.

Also other sources or readers contacted me to say they are having problems. In summary it sounds like on some cameras there could be those issues:
1) Top LCD info disappears in some occasions.
2) Crash of the whole camera (you have to remove the battery and reinsert it after to restart).
3) AF points do disappear when using third party lenses (and than it doesn’t work for Sony lenses neither!).
4) There are also a lot of other “minor” issues like that one you can see on youtube.

It definitely sounds like all those problems are SOFTWARE issues and that’s at leats a good news. It means that Sony could fix that via firmware upgrade. Anyway, I really think Sony messed it up. You cannot develop a camera for three years and than release it with such basic faults! This sounds even worse than the [shoplink 8452]Sony NEX-5n[/shoplink] “click” problem. Please Sony try to release an official statement as soon as possible if you don’t want to loose all your A77 orders!

Those are the A77 preorder links: [shopcountry 8461]. But keep in mind that there are some issues. You might want to wait until Sony releases or at least announces the new firmware…

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