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Double press event from Sony: Friday Sept 12 (4K cam), Monday 15 Sept (A and E-mount lenses).


Press 1: On Friday Sony will announce the new 4K camcorder leaked last week. They may show the 2500 Euro expensive 28-135mm f/4.0 powerzoom too.

Press 2: The next press conference follows on Monday Sept 15 at 16:00 Berlin time. That’s when we will get the other new A and E-mount lenses like the 35 1.4(G/ZA) and 70-300G II A-mount and the 16-35mm FE and 90mm macro FE lens. Also an updated FE lens roadmap with 85mm lens included for 2015 release. Where I am still not 100% sure yet is the camera list. Best candidates are the A99II and new RX camera. But the bigger news is coming after Photokina and about that I will write and publish a post soon!



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