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Dpreview Sony a7 IV studio scene: 33MP sensor gives excellent detail but falls behind at high ISO


Sony A7IV:
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Dpreview added the Sony A7IV studio files and writes:

The first thing that should be apparent is that the a7 IV’s 33MP sensor can capture a lot of detail and, as we saw in our real-world samples, JPEG color that’s directly comparable with the best of its peers. The higher pixel count, combined with Sony’s JPEG sharpening makes more of the fine detail than its rivals. Moiré makes an appearance, but it’s not overwhelming, which suggests there is an anti-aliasing filter, but perhaps not an especially aggressive one.

As we’d expect, the smaller pixels mean more noise if you view the images at full pixel resolution, but this difference is all but eliminated if you look at the images scaled to the same size. Push on to the higher ISO and the noise levels start to creep up, beyond the levels of its immediate rivals, though.

This additional noise can’t solely be blamed on the pixel count, though, since it’s a fraction noisier than some of its higher resolution peers. Overall this iss a good, but not ground-breaking, performance with detail capture appearing to be the a7 IV’s strong suit.

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