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Dpreview: What Sony should do in 2019…


I wish all SAR readers a Happy New Year!

And this is our first discussion of 2019. Dpreview wrote this list of things Sony has to do in 2019. et me know if you agree with it:

Oh, Sony, we can’t keep up! At your current rate of product announcements, you’ll have released at least one new RX100-series compact, a GM lens or two and an a7 IV by the time we’ve finished writing this sentence. That’s fine, but in 2019 we’d like to see you taking a bit of a break, making some time to reflect, and maybe reprioritizing a little.

Sony – in 2019 we wish you would…

  • Create a Cyber-shot RX1R III (with a real battery, not that joke-shop one from last time).
  • Throw your a6000-series customers a bone and make some new APS-C lenses.
  • Make your video and stills AF experience consistent.
  • Speaking of 35mm, make an FE 35mm F1.8. Your non-pro and pro customers will thank you.
  • Focus on user experience, as well as technology. We get it, you’re smart!
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