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What to expect at Cp+ (A5xxx and Sigma ART FE ?)


The next major photoshow is the CP+ show which starts on March 1. All manufacturers will announce new cameras/lenses and I expect the same to happen from Sony. First let’s start from two facts:

1) Sony registered a new camera code which usually means there will be a new camera launch within 3-4 months.
2) Sony discontinued the A5000.

So what can we hope to get? Here is a list of rumored (but mostly unconfirmed) stuff:

  • We know both the A7III and A7sIII will be announced this year. But the A7sIII will more likely be announced at the NAB show in April. So I guess the A7III is a good candidate for a possible Cp+ announcement.
  • Also hot rumored is a new A5xxx APS-C E-mount camera model.
  • RX models are usually introduced in May-June. If Sony sticks to that “tradition” we will not see any new RX camera at CP+
  • On the lens front we have a possible launch of a new Sony 135mm FE and 200-600mm FE.
  • What’s very hot is that we might see Sigma’s first native FE lenses! This one will be big!
  • Venusoptics will launch the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens
  • The Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 FE is coming too

February promises to be an exciting month…

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