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Few more info on the Sony hack

Yesterdays news about the new Sony hack software created some buzz on the web. I do hope this will become a sort of Magic Lantern for Sony! As mentioned by Ma1co on Github there are still about 15 000 entries in the settings file. Experienced hackers may help him to figure out how all those settings do work.
Here is some additional info on the hack:
The full list of “hackable” cameras can be seen here:
SAR reader

For those with trouble with Internet browsers such Chrome, Firefox, Opera must try:
1. download…
1.1. save or copy the pmca-v0.4-win.exe file to a folder. I use C:\PMCA

2. Into that folder create a file Install.cmd
2.1 Edit Install.cmd and paste this text:

C:\PMCA\pmca-v0.4-win.exe install -f *.apk

3. Download and copy… to that folder
4. Open a command prompt into that folder (use CTRL+SHIFT+RightMouseClick)
4.1 Install

SAR reader David made a short How To video

Ma1co is reading our site and will likely answer your questions. You can also follow him on the Personal View forum.

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