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Finally the first Sony A9 reviews and image samples by Yuryev, Jordan, Northrup, Dpreview….


Sony A9 at BHphotoAdorama, Amazon, BestBuy. FocusCamera. Park UK. Wex UK. Jessops.

At exactly 16:00 London time Sony lifted the embargo and reviewers are allowed to post their full reviews and image samples. So here is the constantly updated list of new A9 tests:

Full review by Max Yuryev:

Test by Tony/Chelsea Northrup:

First impression review by Jordan Drake:

First Look video review by Dan Watson:

Image Quality review by Dpreview:

Of interest is an analysis of Raw noise vs the a7R II – we took a look at Raw files at ISO 25.6k files of the same scene run through dcraw. They indicate only a slight advantage (possibly within the margin of our error) to the a9 compared to the a7R II when viewed at common output size (SNR of 3.4 vs 3.7 between the a7R II and a9, respectively, for a similar patch). Physics predicts this: for two sensors of similar technology, it’s sensor size that matters (especially with gapless microlenses). Don’t expect less noise in Raw on the a9 in normalized comparisons against the a7R II. Images to come.

Luminous Landscape writes:

The a9 is surely the beginning of a new line of cameras from Sony that will only grow from here and hopefully fast. I love good gear. I have owned and invested in a Sony system for some years now and look forward to adding the a9 to my inventory as well as the 100-400mm lens. Sony has proven many things in the last few weeks. They listen, they understand, and they deliver what is asked for. Now if they could only find someone to help them fix their menus. Hey, Sony, I’m volunteering!

Sony A9 review at PCmag:

The camera’s best attribute isn’t its burst speed alone. The complete lack of blackout when capturing images changes the way you can capture quick-moving subjects. If a basketball player makes a sudden juke in an unexpected direction, you’ll be able to better follow them with your lens. Likewise, if you’re trying to grab a shot of erratic fauna, like a swallow in flight, the camera can better keep up with their movements, even when using a lens long enough to keep them tightly framed. And because the autofocus system covers so much of the image sensor area, you won’t have to worry about your subject moving outside of the range of autofocus.

A Pro’s Take On The α9 For Wedding Photography (Alphauniverse).
Image samples at Dpreview.
Image samples at Imaging Resource.
Image samples at CameraJabber.
Image samples at PhotoGearNews.
Image samples at ThePhoBlographer.
Image samples at CameraLabs.
Image samples at Photolari.
Image samples at ePhotozine.
Image samples at Photographyblog.
Image samples at Huffingtonpost.
Image samples at Engadget.
Image samples at Focus Numerique.

Sony A9:
Sony A9 at BHphotoAdorama, Amazon, BestBuy. FocusCamera. Park UK. Wex UK. Jessops.
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100-400mm GM:
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Sony A9 accessories:
Sony A9 battery grip at Adorama, Bhphoto, Amazon. Wex UK. Jessops.
Sony A9 Glass screen protector at Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon.
NP-FZ100 battery for the A9 at Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon. Jessops.
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