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First image samples shot with the Nisi 75mm f/0.95 FE prototype lens


image courtesy: Phillip Reeve

Phillip Reeve had the chance to shoot some images with the Nisi 75mm f/0.95 prototype lens. Nisi has recently announced some Cine lenses (see image and specs below). But the 75mm f/0,95 is  their first photo oriented lens. Phillip shared some image smaple son his website (Click here to see them) and writes:

The lens is quite big and heavy as is to be expected from one with these parameters. It is a short flange/mirrorless design and will be available for several mounts (including Sony FE, Canon R and Nikon Z). The prototype we saw is native E-mount and the lens covers the full frame sensor area.

Of course we weren’t able to fully evaluate the cine lenses by spending a bit of time with them at Photokina, but handling and build quality both left a good impression, the focus and aperture rings had a really nice resistance.
The emphasize of the optical design is meant to be on bokeh rendering and indeed I would describe it as very smooth. Contrast and sharpness were more than sufficient as well.

We cannot and should not rate the 75mm f/0.95 yet as it was an early prototype, but the bokeh looked really smooth and as a fan of the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 I look forward to this lens.
If the final production model is close to the cine lenses in terms of contrast, resolution and flare resistance this will be an interesting lens for people into shallow depth of field photography.

Reminder: A couple of weeks ago Nisi announced their very first E-mount Cine lenses:

Nisi F3 25mm Full Frame lens T2.1
Nisi F3 35mm Full Frame lens T2.0
Nisi F3 50mm Full Frame lens T2.0
Nisi F3 75mm Full Frame lens T2.0
Nisi F3 100mm Full Frame lens T2.0

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