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First Sony A9 overheating “indicator” issue report. And it “eats stars” too :(


ThatCameraGuy is testing the A9 and reports:

I take the Sony a9 out for a test run at a swim meet. The overheating indicator turned on within 20 minutes of use in 81 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Not exactly what I would call “Pro” like. There are a lot of positive things about this camera, but this is actually a big deal for what I do, considering Sony marketed this as an actual sports camera.

SAR note:
So far most of the early testers did not have the issue reported by ThatCameraGuy. The few who had this issue all did report about the “indicator warning” turning on while in ZERO cases the camera did actually shut down because of overheating. In the best scenario Sony’s “warning” system is simply turning on way too early (which is annoying anyway).

Star eating:
Jim Kasson confirms that the A9 is a “star eater” too (just like the A7 cameras with the latest firmware version). He tested the electronic shutter only, so maybe in mechanical shutter mode this is not going to happen. This is 100% a problem that can be fixed via firmware issue.

While all this is disappointing news I also do know that it is perfectly normal to find issues on newly released cameras. And I bet Sony will take note of those of these issues and fix them (or at least mitigate them) soon

To sum up: Dear Sony please do this on the next A9 firmware update:

1) Fix the banding issue on the red channel of your images when shooting on electronic shutter mode
2) Mitigate overheating (or delay the indicator warning to activate when it’s really super necessary).
3) Fix the star eating bug

4) Add S-Log

But still my suggestion to Sony remains the same: For the next A7rIII and A7sIII please do make a larger body for the following reasons:

  1. Eliminate any overheating issue (particularly important for the A7sIII model which is mainly used for video purpose)
  2. Better ergonomic for people with big Hands like Donald Trump…sorry for the bad joke :)
  3. Better handling with bigger lenses (you should not be forced to buy a battery grip to fix this)

At the end I believe the Camera Size gets less important on pro cameras. Pro’s don’t really care about that…

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