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For fisheye fans: Samyang 7.5mm and NEX test.

[shoplink 9899 ebay][/shoplink]

I guess not all of you know that you can use Micro Four Thirds lenses on your NEX camera by using a [shoplink 9898 ebay]m43 to NEX adapter (Click here to see that on eBay)[/shoplink]. During the last weeks I received three different mails from people testing the new [shoplink 9899 ebay]Samyang 7.5mm compact fisheye lens for m43[/shoplink] on NEX cameras:

Mail 1:
Via adapter , Horizontal Field of View: 185,4 , effective Focal .Lengh: 8,1 m.m
360º virual reality sample 1 @ f:11.:
360º virual reality sample 2 @ f:11:
both: 4 photos + 2.
I send you caps

Mail 2:
The new Samyang 7,5/3,5 fisheye lens is the perfect lens for spherical panos on a Nex camera, spherical panos can be done with just 4 photos, to use this lens in a Nex body you need to shave the shade, recalibrate focus and use a m4/3 to Nex adapter, this adapter works better if screwed to the lens mount, a couple of handheld samples, at 200iso and 3200iso

Mail 3:
I tested it very fast over NEX with sunshade and this [shoplink 9898 ebay]m43 to NEX adapter on eBay[/shoplink]. With this adapter doesn´t focus at infity   >-(  so my test is at f:22 to get decent focus, my DIY pano head not exactly calibrated.Tried pano with 3 photos but not enough. Ptgui dates:max width x heigh pano pixels:8772 x 4386 (nex 5),focal lengh:7,9 m.m. HFV:166,4
I´ll test lens on m4/3 body to know if de focus failure is about the lens or adapter…
link to panorama 50% quality and one photo:
You can follow it here:

P.S.: Links to the [shoplink 9899 ebay]Samyang fisheye lens on eBay[/shoplink].

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