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Full Sony NEX-7 review at Photoreview Australia (Good news: German NEX-7 ship date confirmed)


The video on op shows a german NEX-7 presentation made by

Photoreview (Click here) posted a full NEX-7 review: “For an EVF, the NEX 7’s finder is quite impressive. It’s big, bright and information-rich – and also very sharp. However, its dynamic range is a bit restricted and, depending on the subject and how you’ve set the finder’s brightness, in sunny conditions you can find highlights or shadows being clipped. It also suffers from a slight (but perceptible) lag in refresh rates.” and “Colours in test shots appeared natural and even traditionally difficult-to-record blues and purples were handled very well, as shown in the sample images below. Imatest showed saturation to be well-contained but revealed a few hue shifts that affected mainly the warmer hues. Skin colours were a tad warm, which some people may prefer.”  About the noise: “Image noise only became visible in test shots  at ISO 6400 and it was mainly  the granularity of luminance noise.”
The camera earns an overall rating of 8.6/10 and gets the Editor’s choice award.

And here is a good news. A german SAR reader wrote:
I live in Germany and today I got a phone call from a Sony employee regarding my preorder of the Nex 7.
They asked to change my Adress because they cant send to a p.o. box (Packstation in german) and that the scheduled shipping is 11.11 but maybe a bit erlier! I even asked about the flood and she confirmed once again : Shippig will be in first days of November, 11.11 beeing the last day of the shipping span. (for my preorderd Nex 7)
So good luck to everyone who preordered ! Btw: I preordered the Nex 7 Kit (incl. 18-55mm black lens)

P.S.: Sony Alpha Nex-7 Camera test Shooting speed 10 fps (youtube) and Sony NEX-7 prototype video test at the Denver Zoo (Vimeo).

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