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Funleader Cap lens 18mm f/8 review by Marc Alhadeff


Marc Alhadeff from SonyAlphablog tested the Funleader 18mm f/8 Cap lens:

The Funleader Caplens 18mm F8 (149$) is an toy lens : as small as a body cap and without any controls (no focusing ring and no aperture controls). Its price is a little bit high for such a lens but quality is there with good sharpness , no color shift , good vintage colors
Compared to 7Artisans 18mm F6.3, Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S that fall in the same category it is much more usable on a day to day and is fun to use

You safe 5% on the 18mm f/8.0 FE cap lens on the official Funleader store (use code “5sales”).

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