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Getting conflicting reports about a possible Sony announcement today or the next few days…


As you know Sony is keeping the announcement dates are very secret with no one outside Japan being informed about when they will announce new stuff. But something is going on folks as I received three different reports from three independent sources (who shared correct info in the past) that Sony will soon announce new FE lenses.

Two of the sources said that they cannot be 100% sure yet but they heard about a possible announcement today or the coming few days. But they stressed to say that they still got no 100% confirmation and will come back to me as soon as they can confirm this.

What all the info I get have in common is that they all talk about new FE lenses while there is yet no info about new FE cameras….

So stay tuned the coming hours and days as we might get some surprise!

To sources: Drop me a message at or use the contact form you see on the right top of this site!

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