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What to expect from the upcoming Sony announcements…


UPDATE: So let me start by reminding you that the info that Sony will announce some new lenses this week is still unconfirmed. Two sources heard there will be an announcement this week while other have heard nothing. So let’s take this with a grain of salt for now…
That said we will not have to wait much longer anyway to see new stuff from Sony and I hope I can give you some SR5 ranked rumor about that soon. Now it’s important to sum up what we can expect to get by Sony:

Highly reliable rumors (90% chance these are true):
1) Just like 2016 also 2017 will be the “year of lenses”. This is the main focus of Sony right now. But of course we can expect one or even two new FF E-mount cameras too!
2) 16-35mm f/2.8 GM. This lens is coming soon. It was even “hinted” by Sony Artisans :)
3) Budget 85mm FE
4) New telephoto FE primes (maybe a 400mm FE?)
5) Sony is working on new dual card slots E-mount FF cameras
6) High End E-mount FF camera priced above the current A7rII is coming too. But the exact release time is still unclear.
7) Sigma will announce their first FE lenses this year

Medium reliable rumors (60% chance these are true):
1) The next A-mount camera should be the A77III. But if it gets released in 2017 is yet unconfirmed.
2) A7markIII is rumored to ship this summer

Low reliable rumors (30% chance these are true):
1) RX5 APS-C camera

Just me dreaming:
1) Sony RX medium format camera with the 55x41mm sensor

And now let’s talk about the possible timing of the next Sony announcements: The big CP+ show takes place in late February. But we know Sony likes to announce new stuff off these events. Last year they had an announcement two weeks AFTER the CP+ show. I expect Sony to announce new FE lenses first. New camcorders will be announced in April and probably new cameras in May-June. But that’s just a guess for now…

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