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Giant Monster Sony A7rII spotted in Lima! :)


Federico spotted that giant construction of the new A7rII (image courtesy Fovitech):

Just an interesting exhibit in Lima, Peru for the FOVITECH fair going on now. The local Sony office apparently made a huge mock up of the new A7RII for their exhibition booth, to promote the new camera.

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Jay:Was Invited to a7r mkii Launch in Chennai , India… Had an Opportunity to Test it with my Zeiss Otus 85mm 1.4 (.ZF mount + Canon adapter + Metabones Mk iv) RAW + JPEG at WeTrasfer (Click here)“.

Anonymous: Thats not a rumor but an interesting information. The user in that link had problems with hot pixels especially when recording videos (white pixels). He contacted Sony Berlin and they told him to take a 15-20 minutes video with lens cap on and ISO 25k. After the video he was told to change the date of the camera to +4 months into the future and then to turn of the camera. After a 10 seconds wait he turned on the camera and his problem with hot pixels was fixed. Might be interesting to post as other people also could have same issues with their A7rii.”

Your Sony A7R II, RX10 II & RX100 IV Questions Answered by Sony

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