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Go Wing Lens Holder for Sony A and E-mount.

[shoplink 35109 ebay]gowing[/shoplink]

It’s a while that this new product is shipping but I never reported about it before. What you see here is the new GoWing Lens Holder for A-mount which also comes for E-mount. On the video below you can see how it works. It helps you to change lenses very fast!
You can have in both A and E-mount versions here:
E-mount Go wing at BHphoto, [shoplink 35109 ebay]eBay Korea[/shoplink] and [shoplink 35110 ebay]eBay Germany[/shoplink].
A-mount Go wing at BHphoto, [shoplink 35107 ebay]eBay Go Wing[/shoplink] and [shoplink 35108 ebay]eBay Germany[/shoplink].

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