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Great Stop Motion Trip Video by Ofer Rozenman.



Ofer Rozeman sent me this video of his New stop-motion-road-trip-video which is gone viral on Youtube. He told me:

Last September my wife and I traveled with our friends to Eastern Europe. As designated shooter I’ve tried capturing the 3000km road trip with this stop motion video made of 200GB and 8000 stills.
The idea of a stop-motion travel video came up when I wanted that by the end of my trip I’ll have a high quality video + a stills album, without having to decide what to shoot next while I’m on-scene. I also took into consideration the fact that the [shoplink 34579 ebay]RX1s[/shoplink] video quality wasn’t that good. Eventually I came into conclusion that shooting a stop-motion has lots of advantages: smooth camera movement, 6K resolution, super-accurate AF, All of those with zero budget (except for the RX1 of course).

I chose the [shoplink 34579 ebay]RX1[/shoplink] because of its excellent image quality and compact size – ideal for traveling. It is also very convenient for street photography: the silent shutter and 35mm lens make the objects act natural while being photographed.

Here is the video:

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