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Hasselblad and Sony. The beginnning of a new medium format strategy. (Poll: Would you buy a low end medium format camera?).


So, the rumors we posted were right and Sony is indeed entering the medium format world by producing CMOS sensor for Hasselblad. Obviously, the soon to be announced H5D-50C is expected to cost $1000 per million pixel which means…about $50,000 just like the model it replaces, the H5D-50 model (here at BHphoto).

But as I have been told by my Hasselblad sources there are other very interesting aspects to know:

1) Hasselblad and Sony are working on quite revolutionary new sensor tech that will fit in future medium format sensors. And some of this tech will spread to the lower “Full Frame” sensor market. (This comes via one of my good sources).

2) It has been not decided yet but it’s a possibility: Hasselblad and Sony could also launch “cheap” medium format cameras to seriously compete in Nikon’s and Canon’s High End Full Frame market. Pentax already did this with the [shoplink 24095 ebay]Pentax 645D (around $6000 or 6000 Euro here one Bay)[/shoplink].

Point 1) is almost certain to happen while 2) is just speculation. But I am curious to see how many of you would be interested to get this:

Do you feel Sony has to make a sort of EOS-R5 8K camera too?

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