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Hasselblad own lenses coming? Send me your Photokina images!


Image credit: Colamanago. The Rec button looks like a Ruby!

Editor’s note: Dear readers! I can’t go at photokina because I have work to do in Berlin. If you have some nice photokina picture to show feel free to send me your images at If you want you can also send me your name and website link to credit the picture. I look for pictures of the new Sony cameras but also of the three new Zeiss primes, the Sigma lenses and of course the Hasselblad stuff. Thanks guys!

Now back to Hassleblad. Popphoto reports about the new Hasselblad Lunar camera that “Hasselblad has done a fair bit of tinkering with the insides, which they claim make it more “precise” in its operation. There’s also a new interface for navigating the camera.” And about the lenses: “When it starts shipping at the beginning of next year, the Lunar will come with a kit lens that looks very much like the 18-55mm Sony kit lens. According to the rep, though, it is Hasseblad glass, which is why it wears the Hasselblad badge. Two more lenses are apparently on the way, but it will even use E-mount lenses.

As correctly stated by some of our readers Hasselblad itself usually outsources the Lens design to Zeiss and Fuji. There are Hassleblad [shoplink 14329 ebay]Distagons (here on eBay)[/shoplink], [shoplink 14330 ebay]Sonnars (here on eBay)[/shoplink] and so on…

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