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Highly Likely first FAKE A7000 and A5500 specs going wild on the web


Someone is sharing those specs all across the web. usually I wouldn’t post such unverified wild “rumors”. but as others as picking this up I want to make it clear that those are highly unlikely to be correct (see video above where I explain the details about those rumors).

The “source” claims:

A7 4 body  + A7R5 flip screen
Super 35mm 4K/60p (6K oversampling)
BIONZ XR + AI processing unit
mechanical shutter 1/8000s

24MP FSI (A6600 same)
no IBIS, pop-up EVF
Super 35mm 4K/30p (6K oversampling)
point-to-point 4K/60p
BIONZ XR + AI processing unit
mechanical shutter 1/4000s

What’s REAL:

  • What’s 99% confirmed is that Sony will announce ONE High End APS-C camera.
  • What’s likely is that this high end camera will use the 26.1MP sensor of the FX30
  • It’s also likely that it has all the improvements we expect (fully articulating screen, new Bionz new AI unit and so forth).

In that sense the A7000 rumor contains specs that are reasonable to be really on the new High end camera. But I don’t know if it will have that kind of A7 alike body.

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