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Horseman announces new large format accessory for the Sony A7r!

[shoplink 24632 ebay][/shoplink] (translation here) posted that cool image of the [shoplink 24632 ebay]Horseman[/shoplink] “Axella” and “VCC PRO“. You can shoot in a real “large format” style with your Sony A7-A7r! If you shoot large format you can use this to compose your images. Pretty handy!

The “Axella” costs 600,000 Yen (around $5,900) and is fully equipped for tilting, swivel, rise/fall and swing. The “VVC PRO” can tilt only but costs much less, around 150,000 Yen (around $1,400).

P.S.: It may come to a surprise for you but I am still a large format shooter. I hope I can try this one day :)

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