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HOT RUMOR: Sony A9III will be the first sports/wildlife camera with Global Shutter!


Tomorrow (Nov7) at 2pm London time Sony will announce a new A9III and 300mm GM lens. There is already a product page listed at BHphoto for this :)

The very important info I can share today is that the Sony A9III will be the first sports/wildlife photographer with Global Shutter!

It will use a newly developed Sony 24Mp sensor made specifically for that use. Sony did not increase the resolution to the A9II because the global shutter design requires an immense readout speed as all pixels are readout once. To keep frame rate at a high level they could not increase the resolution.
This is a dream come true for any professional as for the first time you can track fast subjects without having to worry about crazy distortion. You will not loose any single frame…and this alone will be a killer feature that will mark a big gap with the competition.

Global shutter have the downside of lower frame rate and lower image quality compared to Rolling Shutter sensor. But Sony apparently found a way to solve both limitations! In my video on top I dig into the detail of this tech.

Summary, on November 7 Sony will announce (live stream video here on SAR at 2pm London time):

  • Sony A9III with 24MP global shutter sensor
  • Sony 300mm f/2.8 GM
  • Maybe also a new A1 firmware update

UPDATE: More global shutter benefits. Jamieson Dean pointed out to some more benefits:

Those commenting about distortion don’t understand the real benefits of global shutter; it will essentially eliminate banding and flicker issues with all tricky lighting. It will also completely negate any need for a mechanical shutter, and likely give ridiculously high flash sync. Theoretically, one could also shoot photo and video at the same time but that likely won’t be included

Preorders will be up at 2pm London time:
Sony A9III at BHphoto. Amazon US&EU. Adorama. FotoErhardt. Calumet. WexUK.
Sony 300mm at BHphoto. Amazon US&EU. Adorama. FotoErhardt. Calumet. WexUK.


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