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Wrap up before the announcement: Hope I am right on the A9III timing rumor as this was an exceptional close call!


Preorders will be up at 2pm London time:
Sony A9III at BHphoto. Amazon US&EU. Adorama. FotoErhardt. Calumet. WexUK.
Sony 300mm at BHphoto. Amazon US&EU. Adorama. FotoErhardt. Calumet. WexUK.

Today 2pm London time Sony will surely announce the 300mm f/2.8 GM and likely also the A9III (24MP Global Shutter). A side from my rumors here are some official tidbits shared by Sony:

  • There is a product page ready to go online at BHphoto (Click here).
  • There is a special page at Sony Japan that says: “We will be holding a special event where you can pick up and experience the latest mirrorless α and lenses
  • The Sony Japan page shows a 3D dotted map teaser image (see below) while the Sony US teaser (on top) shows a horizon.
  • BHphoto is organizing a special event and Sony Japan event is nearly fully booked.

Personal note: Anxiety of this Sony A9III rumor mill run!

Unlike all the other previous rumors where I have correctly leaked camera info over the last three years, this announcement is completely different. Sony is being very tight lipped about this new camera!
Although I’m sure the A9III is the next camera Sony will announce…. I have only received confirmation from a trusted source that it will be announced today.
That’s why I got a bit cold feet… because I didn’t have a chance to double and triple confirm it from other trusted sources. So let’s hope I’m right this time too…. but emotionally I have panic attacks at the idea that the A9III might not be announced today but in early January instead.
Just sharing my human troubles! Fingers crossed that I’m right on this one too. In that case, this one source deserves a bunch of bottles of wine…while If I feel I should give you a wine whenever you come visit me on the Dolomites ;)

P.S.: Regarding the 300mm GM lens, I’ve gotten a lot of confirmation from sources…I’m calm and bulletproof here!



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