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HyperDrive GEN2: Next Generation USB-C Hub. 2X Speed & Power launched on Kickstarter


The new HyperDrive GEN2 has been launched on Kickstarter. This might be an ideal tool to transfer your images on your mobile device. With HyperDrive GEN2, you get

  •  4K60Hz HDMI HDR (vs 4K30Hz HDMI on 1st generation USB-C hubs)
  •  300MB/s UHS-II MicroSD/SD (vs 104MB/s UHS-I MicroSD/SD)
  •  10Gb/s USB-A Gen 2 (vs 5Gb/s USB-A Gen 1)
  •  100W USB-C Power Delivery (vs 60W USB-C Power Delivery)

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