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Improve Your Photography Skills This Summer With 45 Hours of Expert Training for $29


Upgrading your gear is always an exciting moment. But to improve the quality of your photography, you also need to upgrade your skills every so often.

The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle features nine courses from experienced snappers, helping you make the most of your Alpha. It’s worth $810, but you can get it today for just $29 in a special reader offer.

Most photographers are entirely self-taught, with maybe the help of some books or YouTube videos. That means you probably have good real-world skills, but you might have missed out some of the fundamentals.

No matter whether you’re just starting out or trying to become a pro, this bundle can fill in the gaps. Through 45 hours of content, you’ll discover how to take full control of the creative process.

The training begins with the basics, helping you to escape Auto and utilize the exposure triangle. You also learn how to organize and enhance your images with Lightroom.

Other courses in this bundle concentrate on specific genres of photography: landscape, food, weddings, long exposures, and after-dark. The concise lessons are packed with tried and tested techniques.

The lead instructor is Phil Ebiner, who worked for several years as a professional photographer. He now focuses on teaching, and his courses on Udemy have been taken by over 80,000 students.

Order today for just $29 to get lifetime access to all 764 tutorials in the bundle, valued at $810 all together.

Prices subject to change.


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