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Is the future for DSLR/SLT Full Frame only?


I am pretty sure Nikon, Canon, Sony and maybe Pentax will bring us plenty of new Full Frame cameras at Photokina. And the battle will be particularly tuff in the FF entry-level segment. While Sony will price the A99 (or A88) somewhere between $2.500 and $2.800 Nikon and Canon are “rumored” to price it at $2.000 and maybe even lower. Reminder, the Sony FF camera will have much more advanced features!

Falk Lumo (Click here) is a well known Pentax user but it’s worth to read his latest post about the Full Frame future. According to him APS-C DSLR/SLT have no more sense to exist. Photokina will focus on cheaper FF models and he says “Photokina 2012 may start a trend for dSLRs to be full frame (only).

And for Photokina 2014 (yes in two years) he says that FF will “become mainstream above $1,000, in a more compact form factor” while “Mirrorless SLDs and large sensor compact cameras dominate the segment between $500 and $1,000, mobile phones below.

I don’t think that APS-C DSLR will disappear any time sure but in my opinion Sony should also think to introduce a FF Mirrorless model. That would be something that finally could convince Canon and Nikon pro’s to switch over to Sony or not?

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