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Jim Kasson says the Sony a7RIII still eats stars


Jim Kasson analyzed the A7rIII spatial filtering and found out that is “behaves” the same way it does on the A7rII. So his conclusion is that the A7rIII also eat stars. This statement goes against the findings from Drew Geraci who said last week:

“Very Excited to share this side by side comparison of the A7RIII (full production model) shooting Astrophotography at 3.2″ and 10” at ISO 12,800 utilizing the Sony 16-35mm GM lens. As you can see in the side by side comparison, with ALL noise reduction turned off in the main menu, you can easily see that all stars are present and accounted for when blown up at 100% resolution. The star-eater is no more.
Download RAW images here:…/ejyad8…/AAApFpv-kmRWfslWZ0-69awRa…
Password: star”

While Jim Kasson did yet not test this on real start shoots I really do trust Jim. And I worry that at the end he might be right. Unless Sony did something on the A7rIII we don’t know about. I hope further testings can confirm if the A7rIII will or will not eat stars.

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