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Jonathan Stewart and Matt Granger discuss what Sony has to do to fulfill wildlife photographers needs


How well does a Sony mirrorless camera take an African safari? How does it handle the dust? What about using it for wildlife? People and landscapes? Matt Granger and Jonathan Stewart discussed the pros and cons of the Sony mirrorless system when compared to the top of the line from Nikon.

Their answers in short:

  1. We need a bigger Sony A9 body (with bigger battery)
  2. E-mount version of the current 300mm A-mount and 500mm A-mount telephoto lenses (possibly priced less!)
  3. Bullet proof autofocus system to not miss any shot
  4. No interface lag

The question is if Sony thinks that wildlife and sport photography are important for their business right now. It’s a real small niche and it’s hard to win over professional Canon and Nikon photographers!

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