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Latest Sony financial statement reports surprising good camera sales and increased their forecast revenue


Sony published their latest financial report. Between April – June 2021 made almost 3x more money with cameras+videocameras compared to same quarter in 2020. Almost 700 million dollars more revenue. They also revised upwards their forecast. They write:

Sales are expected to be higher than the April forecast due to the impact of foreign exchange rates as well as higher-than-expected sales of digital cameras due to higher unit sales, partially offset by lower-than-expected sales of televisions due to lower unit sales. Operating income is expected to be higher than the April forecast due to an increase in unit sales and an improvement in the product mix of digital cameras as well as the positive impact of foreign exchange rates, partially offset by the above-mentioned lower unit sales of televisions.

Of course it was easy to do better than the Q2 in 2020 (Corona outbreak). But sales are still higher than expected and forecast is great too!

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