Luminous Landscape reviews the Phase One XF with the huge Sony 100MP sensor



What is it like to shoot with the Phase One XF featuring the impressive 53.7 x 40.4mm  100MP Sony sensor?

Luminous Landscape posted a detailed review and here are just a few notes:

“Image quality, as expected, was nothing less than incredible.The Highlight and Shadow recovery tools in Capture One easily helped to recover any of these, and allowed an image of incredible detail and light to dark range.  In many of my landscape images, I loved the subtle details in shadows that would have gone completely black with other systems. You have to experience the 100MP images as prints to truly appreciate the detail.

Image quality is not determined by megapixels alone.  While megapixels certainly play a part, it is the quality of the file that sets it apart.  Phase One’s 16-bit capture with a 15 stop dynamic range becomes very obvious when doing comparison images from some of the higher megapixel DSLRs.

Contrary to the many naysayers, medium format is coming to life again.  Pentax has a system, and Hasselblad has their system, and a new camera they just introduced, and rumors abound that even Sony and Fuji are looking into the medium format business.  Medium format is alive and well.”

With Sony working close with Phase One and Hasselblad I think it’s hard to see a Sony medium format camera any time soon. But for sure I would love to see Sony making a medium format mirrorless system camera just like Hasselblad did with the X1D!