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Market share 2010 now public: Sony very close to Canon!


The gap in the DSLR market between Canon and Sony is still big but if you take into account all sold cameras in the year 2010 (DSLR+Mirrorless+compact cameras) the gap is only 1.1%!
According to Bloomberg worldwide camera sales jumped 10 percent to 141 million units last year, helped by the introduction of new models and economic growth in markets such as China. To win new customers, Sony and Samsung Electronics Co. are among companies unveiling devices that eliminated the need for a mirror in professional- grade cameras, where Canon has the lead.
Sony’s and Samsung’s launching new mirror-less digital cameras helped them obtain more market share,” said Masahiko Ishino, an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co.
Most of the sold digital cameras are the small compacts. But you have higher profit margins on system cameras (That’s why Canon and Nikon are making more money than Sony). You can see on Amazon that most cameras in the TOP 20 are compacts:
Amazon US rankings (Click here)
Amazon DE rankings (Click here)
Amazon UK rankings (Click here)
Amazon FR rankings (Click here)
Amazon IT rankings (Click here)

My two cent on that: My crystal ball tells me that Sony will have the chance to surpass Canon if they manage to gain back some trust in the pro business with the A77 and the future full frame translucent cameras. Not to talk if they will manage to release a fullframe NEX. That would make one of my dreams become true! One more thing: I hope all that will happen before the end of the world in December 2012 -> according to the Maya calendar ;)


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