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Matt Granger: Sony Lenses – What to buy first?


‘Sony Lenses – What to buy first?’

When you buy into a new camera system – what lenses should you first buy? Whats the best way to decide?

This is an issue that Photographer Matt Granger is facing now – having recently bought an A7R4 for his travel and portraiture work.

In this video Matt talks about how the awesome Sony eye autofocus let him catch shots he may otherwise have missed, and why he decided to finally buy it.

The process he uses to work out the lenses to buy is pretty smart, watch the video below to see for yourself.

You might be surprised but several of the lenses Matt lists are not Sony G Master lenses. In fact there are some off brand options in there – as he explains, value for money is important for everyone – especially if it is your business. (Reminder Matt is raising money for charity as part of a Business Deal that ends tomorrow. You get $2100 of materials for $89! Check it out at )

The five lenses Matt plans to get are:
24mm f1.4 G Master
55mm f1.8 Sony Zeiss
85mm Batis
70-180 Tamron
135 G Master

What do you think? If you were starting from scratch – what would your first 5 lenses be?

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