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More A77/NEX-7 news


Video on top. A german A77 preview by videoaktiv.

I am going to soon post a NEX-7 preview summary and my first fullframe rumors summary. In the meanwhile those are the latest hands-on, previews and news I found around the web:

A77 preview at Cameralabs (Click here): “Ultimately I don’t believe Sony has created a true semi-pro contender here. The small buffer, relatively limited number of cross-type AF sensors and viewfinder delay mean it won’t be ideal for pro action photographer, however tempted they might be by the 12fps rate. Some could make it work, depending on the situation, but put the A77 up against a Canon EOS 7D in a sports environment, and you’ll realise why the latter is a better choice. But outside of this specialist environment, there’s a lot to like about the A77, and it’ll put existing mid-range models under a lot of pressure. Cameras like the EOS 60D and especially the Nikon D7000 look quite under-featured in comparison. Perhaps Sony’s cleverest move though was developing an aspirational kit lens that’s relatively affordable. It may not zoom as long as rival kit lenses, but it’s wider, quicker, quieter and crucially brighter. A very classy move that’ll attract a lot of educated buyers

NEX-7 preview at Cameralabs (Click here): “Personally speaking I can’t wait to test one, along with the new SLT-A77 which it was launched alongside. As Canon and Nikon continue to avoid the increasingly popular and lucrative ILC market, Sony is taking the bull by the horns and giving the Micro Four Thirds camp serious food for thought.”

NEX-7 at Photographyreview (Click here): “The most interesting question for me is the positioning of the new NEX-7. The price sets it apart from previous NEX cameras as well as even the most expensive Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras, which top out at $900. The high resolution and $1200 MSRP make it look like Sony is aiming the NEX-7 at pros and enthusiasts with Leica-envy – the same photographers who are all over the Fujifilm X100 ($1199). And that’s pretty interesting because the NEX-7 costs a hell of a lot less than the Leica M9 ($7750) and looks like a whole lot more camera than the fixed-lens Fujifilm X100.

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